Peripheral Tumours Mesothelioma Disease Development And Asbestos Exposure

A study entitled “Histological type of lung carcinoma in asbestos cement workers and matched controls” conducted by L Johansson and friends examine about histological types of lung carcinoma. The series of workers exposed to asbestos cement dust were examined.  The proportion of adenocarcinomas was 31% among the exposed subjects and 15% among the controls (mid-p = 0.05). Among workers with high exposure the proportion of adenocarcinoma was even higher (45%, 5/11; mid-p = 0.03). The peripheral tumours proportion tend to higher between exposed cases than controls. The study indicates an association between the degree of exposure to asbestos and adenocarcinoma of the lung, and a peripheral rather than central localisation of the tumours.

Another study which examined similar case is “Occupational Characteristics of Cases with Asbestos-related Diseases in The Netherlands” by Alex Burdorf and friends. The study used data of mesotheliomas and 86 asbestosis cases were available. The average latency period was 40 year and the average duration of exposure was 22 year. Ship building and maintenance contributed the largest number of cases (27%), followed by the construction industry (14%), the insulation industry (12%), and the navy and army, primarily related to ship building and maintenance (5%). While for insulation industry, at least 5 out of 100 workers have risk to develop mesothelioma. The majority of cases of asbestos diseases had experiences exposure to asbestos prior to 1960. Due to the long latency period of asbestos symptoms, the number of mesothelioma cases will occurring in the next two decades/

The discovery of contaminated water by asbestos in Ontario led to a study of amount of asbestos actually present and its effects if someone may happen consumes the water. The water samples begin to be collected in August 1972 in 22 cities in Ontario.The result showed that is all areas of Ontario, the water surface contains asbestos. Probably there were there for already some time but have just been discovered. The Ministry of Health has indicated that the levels of asbestosin the water is no danger to public’s health.

Read the studies in entirety if you find these helpful and interesting.