Mesothelioma treatments: What are my options?

The medical researcher is very enthusiastic to cure mesothelioma disease and even no cure has yet verified successful, but there some treatments provide for mesothelioma patient. There were three types of standard treatments applied to cure mesothelioma disease consist of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.


Mesothelioma surgery has divided into some classes are design to reduce pain and symptom. The surgery named Extrapleural Pneumonectomy is a surgery to remove entire or partial of the lining of the chest, the diaphragm, or the heart.

The Pleurectomy and decortications are to remove partly of the lining of the lungs as same as the lining of the chest and the outside covering of the lungs.

The Pleurodesis is a different technique of surgical procedure it blends with chemical and or drugs. This surgery goal is to create scar among the layers of the pleura, the scar must be drained using catheter or chest tube, then fill in with the chemical or drugs to prevent the gathering of fluid in the pleural cavity.


Radiation therapy is another standard treatments technique to against the growth of mesothelioma.  Basically, the radiation therapy in mesothelioma patients is same as the treatment in cancer patients. The high energy x-rays radiated to kill cancer cells. This process is divided into two categories:

Radiation therapy external is a technique that a machine transmitting the radiation in direct to particular parts of the body, and then kills the cancer cell in the surrounding area.

Radiation therapy internal is on contrary using radioactive substance directly using needles, catheter, and seed. Meanwhile, the perfect method for applying is depending on the types and the stadium of cancer. The aim is to get this radiation directly onto the cancer area so that the radiation dosage more concentrate and controlled.


For the last standard in mesothelioma treatment is chemotherapy. This method using drugs which focus in the cancer cell and isolate them for growing and dividing. The drugs can be absorbed by injected or consumed, most importantly is the drugs can reach the cancer cell through blood circulation system. In local chemotherapy, the drug is allocated directly into the cancer cells area.  At last, the compound using more anticancer drugs can be managed both orally or injection.

However, this mesothelioma disease is very hard to face for any patients, learn some option applicable is the very important stage for making the process of treatment more controllable.


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